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                                                       Should be an usual start of an epic?

                   Should be an usual start of an article? Should be an usual start of                      


Why everything should be “usual”? Why everything have to be in a cataloger? Why can t we express without fear of being outside the box?
I think this is a fresh start of being us, without diplomatic answers or fake faces, fake smiles and fake people in the end. Like is not obvious to see those. Stop playing games. We see very well.
Why can t we relay on fair talks without the question in mind: ” Is he/she lie?” Why can t we have good thoughts about the persons in our life? Why can t we be honest with each other? Because you know being honest with the person which is right in our face or just talking with them- we are honest with us.
Why can t we answer like a question, which is very used by employers, ” When you said : I m honest. I m honest or i lie being honest.” Catchy question, isn t? Like the person which is in front of you will say : ” I m lying, you know!”.
Even if this is a psychological question, to see if that person lie you, just a simple question can be very powerful tool for both parts. You can see if the person lie to you or not.
Fair question, ok, and helpful also, but coming back to the start..the idea is to be ” I m honest all the time!”, not just in same situation when we have to ” be honest”. Not for an quick answer,to be like that.
Am I dreaming with my eyes wide open for those persons or they really exists in this mad world that catch you and make you being a slave to them?
Why we should be their slave? Why can we have our point of view freely without restrain?
Because we have to spot our point with compassion but ferm.
Maybe in our freely but madly world, we have right and same very good ideas, you know?