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Read and do what you want!

Read and awake your mind with ideas, theories, laws, thoughts and works of the great spirits of history and national and universal culture. Each page read, each volume is a readable piece of the world’s big speech – conceived, in turn, the millions of other speeches literary, historical, philosophical, scientific, artistic, technical or social economic. Books take us away from temptations of life, we agree with ourselves, guiding us when we go through times misleading, helps us express our love when we fall in love and they are loyal and demanding teachers, when we want to evolve.

All that is human is found in books. The sages who have left written testimonies “are like travelers who have crossed our paths before us suffering and reaching out, calling us next to them when we feel the need.”

Since ancient times, people reading snatched from the darkness of ignorance. The content varied books took place hundreds of teachers, they have made us, helped us to find our sense, clearing our mind and soul. Through books we make trips past, present and future and we can talk both with ourselves and with the world. Not a free act, reading enrichment produces self with new knowledge, with entirely new way of perceiving the inner and outer world, having a healthy education.

*** The real solution to have a healthy education is the education and training of a free and open individual, moral living minded, motivated, active, creative, who can handle any change, finding solutions appropriate moral! ***

“Education is like an art, art more than it does not exist, because if all the arts bring people here use for art education is committed to acceding to the next world.”     Ioan Hrisostom